Pengolahan Risoles Rasa Keju Cheddar Manis

Pengolahan Risoles Rasa Keju Cheddar Manis – Playfulness to Rain City, Bogor, it is better to consume foods that are warm. In the city of Bogor, we got a lot of culinary options that are suitable to be enjoyed in the air Bogor cold and always raining although in the dry season. One of my favorite culinary if bermaik to Bogor Bogor is a typical yellow soup. yellow soup is indeed one of the culinary Bogor can not miss. The yellow soup can be found easily in both the sidewalk curb or in restaurants that are around Bogor. One of the recommendations yellow soup is a soup yellow pack in Jalan Yusuf solar chariot.

Soto pack Yusuf yellow is soup that has a distinctive flavor spices. Coconut milk yellow fry, tomatm sliced celery, fried onions, and the main fields, namely chunks of beef, lungs, intestines, tripe, offal other seta full serving of yellow soup. Rempahnya distinctive flavor and daginggnya savory stuffing, Yellow Soto makes this not only my favorite but also a lot of people. no wonder Joseph Soto Yellow pack is never empty of visitors. Whenever always stop by here for sure wrote a fairly long queue. But, it is a warm yellow Soto is suitable enjoyed in Bogor cold air, especially if the rain is being flushed the city of Bogor.

Eating yellow soup will taste better coupled with crackers and cakes that are sold separately. Buyer just choose cakes were deliberately placed on the plate in the middle of the table. The price of a bowl of soup Bogor and its distinctive yellow rice is Rp. 25,000.

Jl. Suryakencana indeed a culinary paradise Bogor, Bogor diverse specialties are available there. But indeed the main magnet is this Yellow Soto. There are several vendors yellow soup on this road, and all have drawbacks and advantages. Well, so are still confused about what to look for culinary place in Bogor, immediately wrote a recommendation hell try to come to Jalan Suryakencana.


Cara Membuat Orek Tempe Manis Pedas

Cara Membuat Orek Tempe Manis Pedas – In addition to Bandung, the nearest tourist destination for the citizens of Jakarta is the alias Rain City Bogor. In addition it is situated in the hills, Bogor is also known as the area is still green with fresh air. Not because of its natural atmosphere alone that attracts a lot of people, but also the diversity of the food that is the target of the local tourists. One typical maknan Bogor which is often taken as a souvenir is pia apple pie. Pia Apple Pie is a cafe and also the center of souvenirs typical food Bogor. This place has always been a place that must I go if another vacation in Bogor. Because in addition to its recommendation Pie, but also the atmosphere of the place cafenya simple but homey. Cafe is divided into indoor and outdoor options kuris table or sitting on the floor.

We can choose some kind of pie with size, shape and distinct flavor that is in the display window in the room. There Chocolate Pie, Strawberry Pie, Chicken Pie, Cheese Pie, Black cocolate Pie, Black Coffee Pie and many more. Of course the suit cafenya name, most must try is Pia Apple Pie, and the menu this one weve already become the most favorite menu for me. Pia Apple Pienya emang fit most delicious if eaten still warm. Fresh sour taste derived from apples was immediately felt on the tongue so first pia chewing his apple pie. We can also choose three types of pie based on its size, the small size is usually enough to be eaten alone or medium-size and large edible abuzz. For me, the most enjoyable way to eat Pia Apple Pie is to eat abuzz with friends or family.

Emang enjoy delicious pie that is still warm, but it turns out there are many tablets that tell when it’s cold it feels more enjoyable again. Therefore do not be surprised if banya visitors who prefer to wrap it home as souvenirs for loved ones.

Those who are curious about the typical pie Bogor, you can just go straight to Jl. Pangrango No. 19, Bogor. In this place you can buy a pie to be wrapped as a gift, or be eaten on the spot. oh yes, this cafe have started open from 7 am to 10 pm.

Pelajari Membuat Tongseng Daging Kambing Gurih

Pelajari Membuat Tongseng Daging Kambing Gurih – When talking about culinary Indonesia emang deh ga never ending. Especially if we are talking about chicken culinary menu. There is a regular menu of fried chicken, grilled chicken, chicken Balado, penyet chicken, chicken soft bone, chicken catching and many more types of chicken menu that exist in Indonesia. Well, now I want to tell one chicken a unique menu in Bogor. His name Geprek Chicken Specialties. In particular Apasih Chicken Special Geprek this? turns its merits is chicken that has soft flesh and a flavor that permeated to the bone coupled with a sauce that tastes super nonjok.

Besides chicken Geprek, here too there are other unique chicken menu is Chicken Pencok. Indirectly this Pencok Chicken Chicken Geprek almost the same, only this chicken topping Pencok beans. Karedok Pencok is a kind of food, but not surprisingly uses peanut sauce, but uses cayenne pepper seasoning with kencur strong aroma. A plate of chicken Geprek kumplit with lalapannya and Chicken Pencok each only Rp. 11.000, -.

It’s not just chickens are becoming a mainstay in chicken menu Geprek this, but there are many other appetizing menu, such as tempeh kemul, geprek meat, soup empal, ribs soup, and much more. In addition to the food that weve delicious and tempting, eating places are also very comfortable and cool for busy-busy dining with friends and family. Chicken Special Geprek already has 3 branches in Bogor, Jl Raya Bangbarung 54, jl. Bangbarung Raya No. 27, and in the office and in the Taman Yasmin Karadenan (Cibinong). So for the curious alike Chicken and Chicken Pencok Geprek can directly dateng wrote to that address.

Lets Try Cooking Kue Sus Today!

Lets Try Cooking Kue Sus Today! – Wet cake recipe Sus Vla Fill the eclairs with custard filling recipes were delicious. You can make it yourself at home. Wet Sus snack cakes became very idolized by anyone cross age: both children and adults. With the taste is sweet and tasty it was, moist cake a favorite.

Wet cake a favorite family choice. The cakes were very tasty and delicious it can be consumed by anyone across ages: from children to adults. In addition to this cake is very delicious, this cake very easily made by anyone. In fact, many cottage industries that make wet cake is easy. Traditional wet cake mainly, he was very well liked and also easily made by the family level. Therefore, this cake cake dubbed the “friend”, as he often became friends camilah when he was talking with family, friends, or others.

In general there are two of them sharing a cake in the cake dry and wet. The dry cake can last up to a week or even a whole month. In contrast to the wet cake, it can last only a few days. Because, if we do not immediately eat this cake (or even locked up) they can be exposed to the fungus. This cake (traditionally) have a kind of very much. Therefore, Indonesia is famous for its culinary.

Lets Make Opor Ayam So Easy

Lets Make Opor Ayam So Easy – Chicken curry chicken dishes berkuah coconut milk is very popular throughout Indonesia, especially the area of Central Java and West Java. Dishes this one is made of the main ingredients of meat cooked ayan-remapah with various spices and coconut milk that dihasilakn kenatal of fruit kelaapa. Bisaya often chicken curry served with rice cake or the diamond, which is where often when there are events such as family gatherings, social gathering, or perhaps most often encountered when during Eid.

So that we do not widen pembahsan everywhere it is good we enter a discussion on How Blindly ketopik Opor Native Chicken Seasoning Yellow Yang Enak. Please listened perhaps could be used as one of the menu options for your beloved family.

Materials made curry chicken:
1 whole chicken meat (cut into pieces according to taste).
3 cm galangal (crushed)
2 stalks lemongrass
Bay leaves 2 pieces
Ginger 2 cm (digeprak)
Coconut milk 1 liter
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
Cooking oil secujupnya

Opor seasoning mashed chicken:
7 grains of red onion
5 cloves garlic
1 teaspoon coriander
1/4 teaspoon cumin
Nutmeg 1/4 point
Grain pepper 1 teaspoon
Hazelnut 5 grains
Turmeric 3 cm

How to Make chicken curry:
Saute the ingredients that have been mashed, add the lemongrass, bay leaves, ginger and galangal stir until fragrant.
Enter the chicken meat, stir and cook until it changes color, then add the coconut milk salt and sugar
Chicken curry ready to be served to your beloved family. Serve with the rice cake will bertamah delicious.
Similarly, little information on How to Make Native Chicken Seasoning Opor Yellow Yang Enak, semgoa slightly above information may be useful for all of you who have read it.

Important! Learn to Make Your Own Es Buah at Home

Important! Learn to Make Your Own Ice Fruit at Home – Ice Sop fruit is not familiar to Indonesian beverage, especially living areas surrounding Bandung san, even iced fruit soup has also been able to diperdapatkan in big cities such as Medan, Banda Aceh etc. Beverages such as fruit soup is not a soup broth, but rather a mixture of several kinds of fruits that potion in ways that, of course without the process of cooking as in membat broth soup. Immediately, we see makes fresh fruit and ingredients.

Fruit ice is also very easy to be met in various cities. Dish fruit ice is very suitable in the present time the dry season. Because in addition to refreshing also can increase stamina when you are tired. Well if you are very fond of this fruit ice drinks you can also enjoy it in one or in a restaurant. But now it is wonderful you also should be able to make it home so that you can be more familiar or can save money you spend.

ice cubes as needed
Lime juice
Enough water
250 grams of sugar
1 Pineapple
1 Fruit Papaya
1 Fruit Melon

How to make
The first step peeled melon and papaya, then scrape each into a round
And take the pineapple, cut into dice, and then wash with water ice that remains segar.Lalu ripe fruit with sugar water to a boil, immediately put all the fruit into the water that has been boiling. And wait for about 6 minutes.
And after that, remove and let cool mixed fruit. And then, add the lemon juice, stir in merata.Lalu prepared glass, add ice, and then pour the fruit mixture into it.
Delicious Fruit Ice then ready to be enjoyed

And so the end of our discussion hopefully recipes we provide on something useful to you, and can also assist you in making your desired drinks like fresh fruit ice this.

Steps to Make Cupcake Coklat With Easy

Steps to Make Cupcake Coklat With Easy – Cupcake is one type of sponge cake that is printed in a measuring cup mold or mold that Came from a can, the which is Often Referred to as the Muffin Tins. Sponge cake from Amsterdam this is one of the cake or cake of the most loved by everyone, Instant confirmation, both in Indonesia and abroad. Besides the cute shape like a cupcake can also be made in a variety of forms Reviews such as the shape of animals, love, flowers, cartoons and so on.

chocolate is the preferred food of call now generation, soft and delicious taste makes everyone want to enjoy it, it is said the nutritional content of chocolate can Affect mood, therefore it is not uncommon for people to choose chocolate as a sign of love for a very special person in his heart. Steamed chocolate cake that will be Discussed this time admin, how do I make it? What materials should be prepared? admin will provide simple tips to make steamed chocolate cake.

– 100 grams of sugar
– 100 grams of margarine, melted
– 75 grams of chocolate concentrated cook, melt
– 75 grams of wheat flour
– 1/2 teaspoon of cake emulsifier
– 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
– 12 endok eat milk powder
– 3 eggs

How To Make:
1. Beat eggs, sugar and cake emulsifier until white and fluffy.
2. Then add flour, milk powder and baking powder sifted and stirred until blended.
3. Enter the margarine and chocolate have melted, then stir until blended.
4. After that, pour the batter into muffin tins that have dalama lined with paper cups until 3/4 full.
5. Then kukuslah mold the dough for about 15 minutes until cooked.
6. Remove, let cool, and cupcake ready to be served.