Pengolahan Risoles Rasa Keju Cheddar Manis

Pengolahan Risoles Rasa Keju Cheddar Manis – Playfulness to Rain City, Bogor, it is better to consume foods that are warm. In the city of Bogor, we got a lot of culinary options that are suitable to be enjoyed in the air Bogor cold and always raining although in the dry season. One of my favorite culinary if bermaik to Bogor Bogor is a typical yellow soup. yellow soup is indeed one of the culinary Bogor can not miss. The yellow soup can be found easily in both the sidewalk curb or in restaurants that are around Bogor. One of the recommendations yellow soup is a soup yellow pack in Jalan Yusuf solar chariot.

Soto pack Yusuf yellow is soup that has a distinctive flavor spices. Coconut milk yellow fry, tomatm sliced celery, fried onions, and the main fields, namely chunks of beef, lungs, intestines, tripe, offal other seta full serving of yellow soup. Rempahnya distinctive flavor and daginggnya savory stuffing, Yellow Soto makes this not only my favorite but also a lot of people. no wonder Joseph Soto Yellow pack is never empty of visitors. Whenever always stop by here for sure wrote a fairly long queue. But, it is a warm yellow Soto is suitable enjoyed in Bogor cold air, especially if the rain is being flushed the city of Bogor.

Eating yellow soup will taste better coupled with crackers and cakes that are sold separately. Buyer just choose cakes were deliberately placed on the plate in the middle of the table. The price of a bowl of soup Bogor and its distinctive yellow rice is Rp. 25,000.

Jl. Suryakencana indeed a culinary paradise Bogor, Bogor diverse specialties are available there. But indeed the main magnet is this Yellow Soto. There are several vendors yellow soup on this road, and all have drawbacks and advantages. Well, so are still confused about what to look for culinary place in Bogor, immediately wrote a recommendation hell try to come to Jalan Suryakencana.


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