Pelajari Membuat Tongseng Daging Kambing Gurih

Pelajari Membuat Tongseng Daging Kambing Gurih – When talking about culinary Indonesia emang deh ga never ending. Especially if we are talking about chicken culinary menu. There is a regular menu of fried chicken, grilled chicken, chicken Balado, penyet chicken, chicken soft bone, chicken catching and many more types of chicken menu that exist in Indonesia. Well, now I want to tell one chicken a unique menu in Bogor. His name Geprek Chicken Specialties. In particular Apasih Chicken Special Geprek this? turns its merits is chicken that has soft flesh and a flavor that permeated to the bone coupled with a sauce that tastes super nonjok.

Besides chicken Geprek, here too there are other unique chicken menu is Chicken Pencok. Indirectly this Pencok Chicken Chicken Geprek almost the same, only this chicken topping Pencok beans. Karedok Pencok is a kind of food, but not surprisingly uses peanut sauce, but uses cayenne pepper seasoning with kencur strong aroma. A plate of chicken Geprek kumplit with lalapannya and Chicken Pencok each only Rp. 11.000, -.

It’s not just chickens are becoming a mainstay in chicken menu Geprek this, but there are many other appetizing menu, such as tempeh kemul, geprek meat, soup empal, ribs soup, and much more. In addition to the food that weve delicious and tempting, eating places are also very comfortable and cool for busy-busy dining with friends and family. Chicken Special Geprek already has 3 branches in Bogor, Jl Raya Bangbarung 54, jl. Bangbarung Raya No. 27, and in the office and in the Taman Yasmin Karadenan (Cibinong). So for the curious alike Chicken and Chicken Pencok Geprek can directly dateng wrote to that address.


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