Cara Membuat Orek Tempe Manis Pedas

Cara Membuat Orek Tempe Manis Pedas – In addition to Bandung, the nearest tourist destination for the citizens of Jakarta is the alias Rain City Bogor. In addition it is situated in the hills, Bogor is also known as the area is still green with fresh air. Not because of its natural atmosphere alone that attracts a lot of people, but also the diversity of the food that is the target of the local tourists. One typical maknan Bogor which is often taken as a souvenir is pia apple pie. Pia Apple Pie is a cafe and also the center of souvenirs typical food Bogor. This place has always been a place that must I go if another vacation in Bogor. Because in addition to its recommendation Pie, but also the atmosphere of the place cafenya simple but homey. Cafe is divided into indoor and outdoor options kuris table or sitting on the floor.

We can choose some kind of pie with size, shape and distinct flavor that is in the display window in the room. There Chocolate Pie, Strawberry Pie, Chicken Pie, Cheese Pie, Black cocolate Pie, Black Coffee Pie and many more. Of course the suit cafenya name, most must try is Pia Apple Pie, and the menu this one weve already become the most favorite menu for me. Pia Apple Pienya emang fit most delicious if eaten still warm. Fresh sour taste derived from apples was immediately felt on the tongue so first pia chewing his apple pie. We can also choose three types of pie based on its size, the small size is usually enough to be eaten alone or medium-size and large edible abuzz. For me, the most enjoyable way to eat Pia Apple Pie is to eat abuzz with friends or family.

Emang enjoy delicious pie that is still warm, but it turns out there are many tablets that tell when it’s cold it feels more enjoyable again. Therefore do not be surprised if banya visitors who prefer to wrap it home as souvenirs for loved ones.

Those who are curious about the typical pie Bogor, you can just go straight to Jl. Pangrango No. 19, Bogor. In this place you can buy a pie to be wrapped as a gift, or be eaten on the spot. oh yes, this cafe have started open from 7 am to 10 pm.


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