Lets Try Cooking Kue Sus Today!

Lets Try Cooking Kue Sus Today! – Wet cake recipe Sus Vla Fill the eclairs with custard filling recipes were delicious. You can make it yourself at home. Wet Sus snack cakes became very idolized by anyone cross age: both children and adults. With the taste is sweet and tasty it was, moist cake a favorite.

Wet cake a favorite family choice. The cakes were very tasty and delicious it can be consumed by anyone across ages: from children to adults. In addition to this cake is very delicious, this cake very easily made by anyone. In fact, many cottage industries that make wet cake is easy. Traditional wet cake mainly, he was very well liked and also easily made by the family level. Therefore, this cake cake dubbed the “friend”, as he often became friends camilah when he was talking with family, friends, or others.

In general there are two of them sharing a cake in the cake dry and wet. The dry cake can last up to a week or even a whole month. In contrast to the wet cake, it can last only a few days. Because, if we do not immediately eat this cake (or even locked up) they can be exposed to the fungus. This cake (traditionally) have a kind of very much. Therefore, Indonesia is famous for its culinary.


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