Important! Learn to Make Your Own Es Buah at Home

Important! Learn to Make Your Own Ice Fruit at Home – Ice Sop fruit is not familiar to Indonesian beverage, especially living areas surrounding Bandung san, even iced fruit soup has also been able to diperdapatkan in big cities such as Medan, Banda Aceh etc. Beverages such as fruit soup is not a soup broth, but rather a mixture of several kinds of fruits that potion in ways that, of course without the process of cooking as in membat broth soup. Immediately, we see makes fresh fruit and ingredients.

Fruit ice is also very easy to be met in various cities. Dish fruit ice is very suitable in the present time the dry season. Because in addition to refreshing also can increase stamina when you are tired. Well if you are very fond of this fruit ice drinks you can also enjoy it in one or in a restaurant. But now it is wonderful you also should be able to make it home so that you can be more familiar or can save money you spend.

ice cubes as needed
Lime juice
Enough water
250 grams of sugar
1 Pineapple
1 Fruit Papaya
1 Fruit Melon

How to make
The first step peeled melon and papaya, then scrape each into a round
And take the pineapple, cut into dice, and then wash with water ice that remains segar.Lalu ripe fruit with sugar water to a boil, immediately put all the fruit into the water that has been boiling. And wait for about 6 minutes.
And after that, remove and let cool mixed fruit. And then, add the lemon juice, stir in merata.Lalu prepared glass, add ice, and then pour the fruit mixture into it.
Delicious Fruit Ice then ready to be enjoyed

And so the end of our discussion hopefully recipes we provide on something useful to you, and can also assist you in making your desired drinks like fresh fruit ice this.


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